Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (BA Sociology)

Course Overview

A three-year undergraduate programme leading to a bachelor’s degree in sociology focuses especially on human society, including behaviour, culture, norms, and the impact they have on contemporary society. In other words, it discusses many aspects of the psychological makeup of both men and women as well as the boundaries that exist between various social classes.

If a candidate wishes to work as a sociologist, social worker, or counsellor, a BA in Sociology is the best course option. They also have the chance to collaborate with NGOs and other charitable organisations to improve society as a whole. Because one can pursue a Master’s degree to learn more about urban planning, law, and psychology, a bachelor’s degree in sociology has a broad range of potential careers. It is associated with HNBGU, a renowned university that has affiliations with numerous colleges.

Why ought to study BA Sociology?


Studying B.A. Sociology can offer numerous benefits and insights into the social world. Sociology provides a framework for comprehending the complexities of society. It explores how individuals and groups interact, the structures that shape society, and the various social processes at play. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of the social forces that influence our lives.

Sociology encourages critical thinking and analytical skills. Through studying various theories, research methods, and sociological concepts, you develop the ability to critically evaluate social phenomena, question assumptions, and analyze data. These skills are valuable in many fields, including research, policy analysis, and social work. Sociology increases your awareness of social issues and challenges. It examines topics such as inequality, poverty, racism, gender dynamics, crime, and globalization. By studying sociology, you become more conscious of societal problems, fostering empathy and a sense of social responsibility.


The BFIT Group of Institution is one of the renowned universities in Dehradun that offers the Bachelor in Sociology programme. Our philosophy in the humanities department is to provide our students with the best resources while also imparting information. The BFIT library has a wide selection of books and study materials that are easily accessible to the students.

Along with teaching theory, our faculty members in the arts department put in a lot of effort to help the students’ communication abilities. Additionally, we offer interactive lessons and visual lectures to maintain the students’ interest.

The BFIT Group of Institutes was founded in the educational centre of India, Dehradun, and the college’s environment is quiet for students to concentrate on their studies because it is removed from the noises of the city. Aspirants can choose to pursue higher education after earning their degree or pursue a job in the government service, educational institutions, charity organisations, journalism, NGOs, hospitals, etc. because sociology, as we all know, plays an important role in today’s society.

  • Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university
  • The minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN and 40% for OBC.

3 Years

BA Sociology Scope in India

BA in Sociology not only broadens one’s knowledge but also creates opportunities in a variety of professions, both in the public and commercial sectors. Some of the career profiles that a graduate in sociology can pick from are listed below

  • SOCIAL WORKER – Sociologists can support needy families and kids and help them resolve or cope with their problems.

  • PSYCHOLOGIST – Sociologists who are trained in the art of human science are able to investigate human psychology and behaviour. There are numerous specialisations available in this field of work.

  • TEACHER OR PROFESSOR-  Sociology graduates can begin a career in the education sector as this field is quickly gaining popularity.

  • COUNSELLOR – A counsellor’s main job is to advise people in need regarding personal and professional issues.

  • MARKET SURVEY RESEARCHER – Based on real information, the market researcher discovers the solution pertaining to human society as a whole.

  • HUMAN SERVICES ASSISTANT – A social service assistant mostly works with customers, offering them different services in psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and other volunteer activities.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sociologist can earn up to 7,00,000 per annum in our country.

A Sociology degree holder can go for Masters in the respective field followed by PHd or MBA. They can also prepare for competitive exams such as IAS or IPS.