Masters of Art in Political Science

Course Overview

The two-year postgraduate MA Political Science programme is evenly divided into 4 semesters. It is associated with HNBGU, a renowned university that has affiliations with numerous colleges. Graduate students are given a specialized understanding of Indian and international politics in this course. Individuals who want to work in the domains of public administration and governance may pursue it. A political science master’s degree programme offers an interdisciplinary course that focuses on several facets of governance, such as political doctrines, polity, international law, political philosophy, governance, etc.

Students majoring in political science must present a number of research papers and dissertations from their senior year. Candidates that concentrate on political science and politics could have incredibly successful careers in the nation’s political system. Along with providing a crash course in civil rights and responsibilities, the path offers the chance to learn about the political system and administrative structure of one’s own nation. The route provides in-depth knowledge of various political practises in India and around the world.

 A political science degree could be the first step to a solid profession. The perks of acquiring an MA in political science are numerous.

Why ought to study MA in Political Science?


A master’s degree in political science can help you develop your critical reasoning, research, and communication abilities by providing a thorough understanding of political systems, institutions, and processes. It fosters critical awareness and informed citizenship by providing students with insights into international politics, policy analysis, and governance. Government, international organisations, non-profits, research, journalism, and academia are just a few of the professional options that the programme offers up. It gives people the power to participate in politics, influence laws, and deal with society issues. A master’s degree in political science offers prospects for professional advancement, personal growth, and global impact.


The BFIT group of institutes offers this postgraduate education at one of the top MA Political Science colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Due to its importance to governments, political science has a wide application. BFIT strives to provide the best surroundings and amenities for the students as a result. Our libraries are stocked with more reading material, including books on domestic and international politics, law, and economics.

 In addition to regular theoretical lessons, the professors at BFIT encourage the students to participate in debates, seminars, and guest lectures as extracurricular activities. Many well-known individuals who have achieved success in their careers are invited to the college to inspire students and inform them about the political climate at the moment. Therefore, BFIT is the best university in Dehradun for MA Political Science.

  • Graduating from any reputable university is the minimum requirement.
  • For GEN/OBC, the minimum necessary percentage is 40%, while for SC/ST, it is 35%.

2 Years

MA Political Science Scope in India

An advanced degree in political science can lead to a successful career in management, journalism, studies, or politics. Graduates with this degree have also expressed interest in the competitive examinations for government posts in the public service sector.

A politician is essentially a party member with specific responsibilities in the areas of training, finances, sports, and other things. These experts have responsibilities that include making choices in certain areas and assisting the general public.

Public administration: Public administrators use their knowledge to develop budget assessments and policy decisions, supporting the government’s improvement policies.

Political Correspondent: reporting news from the political world while also conducting public interviews and sourcing them to news outlets for a national broadcast.

Political content author: Political content creators’ responsibilities include studying current events and historical issues and producing copy for news articles.

PR executive: Public relations is also a very good option because exposure to political procedures also familiarises one with a region’s way of life and social structures, making one suitable for a position as a public relations executive.

Political activists: Political activists are the only people who investigate the societal issues that persist and advocate for them on behalf of any party.

Archivist: Among their everyday tasks are retrieving, addressing, and making decisions regarding political materials, as well as maintaining perishable data, disseminating research materials, and many other tasks.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top industries for recruiting individuals with a master’s in political science are:

  • Universities,
  • Administration,
  • Campaigns, etc

The average pay falls between INR 4LPA to INR 7LPA.