When you are coming into college lifestyles after your school, it means you are entering a new world. It is additionally a first step toward destiny, profession and upcoming possibilities. College life includes making new friends, attending lectures and making lots of memories. From time to time, students mass bunk lessons to participate in a film or to hang out with buddies. A majority of these approaches are part of growing up, a part of coming into the grownup section of life, part of life wherein you are taking step one toward decision making. In addition to studying, college days are also packed with enjoyment during the college fest, when you can meet new friends from other universities, have fun, and take a break from the day’s long lectures. The college fest typically lasts four days and includes numerous student-organized events. In order to make the event more unforgettable, celebrities and the well-known singing group are now also invited to perform and put up their displays on the festival’s final day.

When we hear the word “fest,” we immediately conjure up images of enticing lighting, tempting music, DJs, and mouthwatering food. Our thoughts frequently lean towards large crowds, competitions, and ethnic diversity, all of which unquestionably offer us a wealth of memories. Every college festival revolves around interacting with extraordinary people, trying to understand their views, and collaborating with them. This adds flavour to our experience. This isn’t the most useful festival output, though. While immersing ourselves in college Fest activities, we have a tonne of opportunities to conduct research on various topics. Rangrezza is one of these BFIT fests.


Rangrezza in BFIT is a 2days annual fest which includes numerous events. Many famed celebrities are invited who take the celebration to a different level. The event included a power- packed performance by many celebrities and students. Rangrezza includes day and evening events like –
Disco Night
Carnival Fair
Campus Modelling Show
Celebrity Night
BFIT witnessed absolute madness and energetic performance as the students attended the presence of international singing sensation Milind Gaba. His performance was cherished & applauded by everyone present there. He electrified the stage with his super-hit songs and made the night memorable for everyone present there.
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Techno Jashan in BFIT is graced by many sports competitions among students, intra-college competitions are also organized where other colleges are invited too. Events which are organized are –
Treasure Hunt
Content Writing
Nukkad Natak
Nukkad Natak is an event organized under techno jashan where students or a group of students compete with each other to win audience hearts by giving artistic musical, dramatical & Theatrical performances

Blood Donation camp is also organized in the campus. In this event, students and faculty can donate blood if they wish to. Such events are conducted for the welfare of the society where students could understand the value of a healthy life and also to facilitate them with helping ethics. Authorities applauded the donors by saying that blood donation isn’t always a small donation, it is a totally big donation. It may save a person’s treasured life, ought to light an own family’s lamp, and could supply happiness to an own family. It is a count of satisfaction for the scholars of BFIT college for their amazing work and their cooperation. At the event, it was stated that blood donation is a very crucial and a huge donation. Injuries or mis-happenings are nearly part of our life. Consequently, blood is donated to the medical institution, which is provided to the affected person at the crucial time and may save his or her life.
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