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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA Course Overview

The most popular post-graduation course is the MBA (Master of Business Administration). An MBA is a post-graduate degree that is recognised internationally and is intended to help candidates for the degree develop their managerial and business skills. A MBA degree covers a variety of business-related topics, including management, marketing, and accounting. A career in management is not the only one that an MBA may lead to. An MBA can also help candidates who want to work in the public, private, or both sectors of the economy. Students enrolled in MBA programmes from the best affordable MBA college in Dehradun receive both theoretical and practical training in company management tasks. The candidate’s confidence is increased by earning an MBA from one of the top MBA colleges in Dehradun. Additionally, it increases a candidate’s expertise in their field of study. MBA programmes support the growth of entrepreneurial values and personality.

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Why ought to study MBA?

There are several compelling reasons to pursue an MBA. It offers a thorough understanding of managerial techniques, strategic planning, and leadership abilities. The business management programmes gives you useful expertise in fields like entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, and finance. You can become a leader in a variety of businesses by getting an MBA, which improves your ability to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions. It presents opportunities for internships and job placements as well as a useful professional network. An MBA can open doors to international work opportunities, boost income potential, and speed up professional progression. Studying for an MBA provides the essential groundwork for success in the dynamic business world, whether your goals are to start your own business or advance up the corporate ladder.


BFIT is regarded as the best affordable MBA College in Dehradun and is highly regarded in the academic community. The institute works to increase employability, which guarantees our pupils a successful future. BFIT is a top-notch institution with a solid reputation to uphold thanks to its staff of highly trained and knowledgeable instructors, the majority of whom have doctorates. BFIT’s academic team and dynamic learning environment assist students in getting ready for future careers in business. It also has a dedicated staff of teachers who work with the students to teach them and assist them in recognising their study weaknesses so they may improve.

Summer internships are offered as an essential component of the BFIT programme to give students the chance to connect the theoretical information they learn in the classroom with the real-world procedures used by different industries and sectors. Students are placed in various organisations throughout their internships to expose them to the outside world. In order to help their MBA students better grasp work culture and demand around the world, BFIT also arranges for them to travel abroad.

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  • Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university
  • The minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN and 40% for OBC.

2 Years

MBA Scope in India

MBA in India has a substantial and growing scope. Opportunities for MBA grads abound thanks to the nation’s booming economy and vibrant business environment. There are numerous employment choices available in India’s expanding industries, including manufacturing, consulting, banking, information technology, and healthcare.

An MBA equips graduates with the information and abilities needed for managing and leadership positions across sectors. Graduates can work in corporate management, business development, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and consulting. They can also look into entrepreneurship and launch their own company.

In addition, there is a rising need for MBA experts with experience in fields like data analytics, digital marketing, supply chain management, and sustainability because of India’s emphasis on innovation, digital transformation, and international collaborations.

Also helping to improve employment chances and career progression are the networking possibilities, access to industry experts, and internship options offered by MBA program.

Overall, there are many prospects for professional progress, high incomes, and the potential to contribute to India’s thriving and quickly changing business scene for MBA graduates.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

The list of employers at BFIT recruiting MBA graduates is

  • Horiba
  • Cadbury
  • Eskay Movies
  • Bose Institute
  • Juniper
  • Asian
  • Apple Homes
  • Live India
  • American Express
  • IBM

MBA graduates often earn between INR 4LPA and INR 30LPA in compensation.