Master in Mass Communication

Course Overview

The Master in Mass Communication  trains students in all technical skills and critical analysis of the media spectrum.This two-year program, which consists of four semesters, is for postgraduate credit. In order to provide facts or information to the target market, this system comprises the study of mass media, which includes newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, and many more.

This course is constructed from many standards including –

  • Records,
  • The characteristic of mass communication in society,
  • History of mass communication,
  • Competencies in figuring out news
  • And, moreover covers political and social issues of a particular society.

A study of mass communication examines various forms of conversation that people can use to communicate information to a significant segment of the public via mass media. Usually, this system offers instruction and training in reporting, writing, editing, taking pictures, and other related topics

master in mass communication

Why ought to study master in mass communication?

The focus of the master’s in mass communication is on examining how statistics relate to various types of international communication, such as print media, digital media, and social media. It examines how the media educates the public about social issues and encourages informed choice. The program also emphasises educating a large audience. Additionally, a job in mass media opens up options in industries including reporting, directing, acting, and event planning. It improves writing ability, professionalism, and communication skills and offers opportunities for jobs in public relations and the media.


BFIT provides inviting and cozy surroundings for academic study. It is situated in the Himalayan Valley. One of Dehradun’s best masters in journalism and mass communication, BFIT, offers its students an amazing education. The institute often organizes field trips and instructional tours of a variety of press and media facilities. Additionally, applicants’ knowledge is supplemented by weekly seminars and discussions with media experts, allowing them to stay up-to-date on modern trends in journalism.

Numerous competitions are held among students to familiarize them with the real duties and tasks associated with mass communication. In order to prevent students from falling behind when the actual world is in front of them, the institute takes several measures. BFIT has always strived and continues to work hard for its students to build the brightest careers possible.

master in mass communication
  • Graduation from any reputable university is the minimum requirement.
  • For GEN/OBC, the minimum required percentage is 40%, while for SC/ST, it is 35%.

2 Years

Master in mass Communication Scope in India

Fashion Photographer: A fashion photographer’s job is to capture images of modern attire, hairdos, and accessories.The work of a fashion photographer is both amazing and difficult.They must travel to several breathtaking locations abroad, where they will get the chance to interact with the makeup subculture.

Radio Jockey: Radio jockeys are not obligated to put in any set number of hours each day at their jobs. They carry out the variety of responsibilities that have been provided to them. Anytime, day or night, they may be asked to host a show.

Public relations Officer:To establish and maintain a positive reputation for their firm or enterprise, public relations professionals employ a variety of verbal communication methods. In addition to handling media inquiries, setting up interviews, and providing information, they are frequently involved in media training and preparations.

Client Servicing manager:The duties of a client service supervisor include getting in touch with clients to learn about their needs and then facilitating the process to address those needs.The customer service manager also examines customer service contracts in order to track success.

Film director: A film director oversees the whole production of a film by visualizing the narrative and directing the performers and technical personnel to realize the vision for the screen. They control the dramatic and creative elements of the movie. A film director also has other important responsibilities, such as communicating with everyone involved in the project and collaborating with other makeup artists to ensure the mission is completed.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Job descriptions for mass communication Candidate are

  • Broadcast Assistant,
    Client Servicing Manager,
  • Event Manager,
    Fashion Photographer,
    Public Relations Officer,
    Radio Jockey, etc.

The average salary ranges from INR 5LPA to INR 8LPA.