Master of Art in Geography

Course Overview

An MA Geography is a postgraduate program that lasts two years and is organised into four equal semesters. Through a challenging educational investigation, this course covers the study of the earth sciences, including physical, regional, and economic issues. The course covers both academic and practical information on the earth’s surface, landforms, and environment at both a local and global level. For college students who need to examine the physical aspects of earth sciences in connection with human activities through educational exploration, MA Geography is a comprehensive post-graduate degree. It is associated with HNBGU, a reputable university that has affiliations with numerous colleges.

This program provides a thorough comprehension of the human aspects of knowledge regarding the geographical functions of the earth’s physical, regional, and economic systems. The program focuses on developing theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise. The social science component of geography is the focus of the MA in Geography. It covers a thorough investigation of human geography as well as the relationship between people and their artificial surroundings, as well as the management and use of space. This path is primarily career-focused and comprises a fundamental understanding of the subject from a social science perspective. This path involves an in-depth scholarly investigation of the constitution, essence, and surface of the earth.

Why ought to study MA in Geography?


There are several compelling reasons to pursue an MA in geography. It offers in-depth understanding of geographical linkages, environmental processes, and human interactions with the Earth’s surface. In disciplines including urban planning, environmental management, and geographic information systems, critical thinking, research, and data analysis skills are crucial. The programme cultivates these talents. A global perspective, an appreciation of cultural variety, and a grasp of environmental challenges are all enhanced by a master’s degree in geography. It opens up avenues for professions in government, academia, research, consultancy, and international organisations. People can also help solve urgent global problems and advance a more sustainable and fair future by studying geography.


The institute has established itself as a premier location for education, research, and a hive of activity in the field of MA Geography. The organization’s greatest strength is its need-based infrastructure, which includes well-equipped laboratories, well-stocked classrooms, and business visits. The knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff plays a crucial role in converting job seekers into employment providers. The top college for MA Geography is BFIT, which offers a range of amenities to its students. such as adequately furnished, centrally located, and state-of-the-art preferred laboratories. Innovative placement cell to provide suitable human resources to various industries at the state and federal levels A well-developed library demonstrating the capacity for text and reference volumes (for regular classes and competitive exams).

At BFIT, the path is a creative and innovative one. This MA in Geography program offers secure employment, a pleasant working environment, a terrific income, the opportunity to explore the world, and the chance to develop new products. One of the most in-depth and enlightening learning experiences one may have in the field of MA geography What a BFIT student has to say about the company and a bright career after graduation is everything.

Graduate from any accredited university with a minimum of 50% in geography as one of the subjects.
For GEN/OBC and SC/ST, a minimum percentage of 40% is necessary.

2 Years

MA Geography in India

Candidates for the MA in Geography have a wide range of employment options in both the public and private sectors. Some of the job profiles for persons with an MA in geography are:

Agriculture specialist: To ensure optimal agricultural development and business success, agricultural specialists are responsible for working in organisations with farmers and farm producers.
Cartographer: A cartographer is responsible for creating maps using both simple, conventional procedures and more complicated techniques, including diagrams, spreadsheets, and charts. They are involved in the technological, clinical, and developmental aspects of making maps.
Forest manager: Responsible for maintaining designated forested or wooded areas. Along with facilitating economic activities and public access, they ensure that the region’s biodiversity is appropriately maintained.

Demographer: Demographers are responsible for researching and analysing the size, composition, and structure of the human population in a certain area. They investigate a variety of factual sets, analyse them, and apply statistical methods to draw conclusions from their analysis.
Geographer: In charge of researching the people, the environment, and the functioning of the planet. They frequently do research and disseminate data about the region’s economic, political, and cultural aspects.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top industries that hire persons with an MA in geography are

  • Academic Institutions,
  • Research Organizations,
  • Mining Industry,
  • Resource Development Industry,
  • Forest Service,
  • Agricultural Research Agencies,

Candidates can expect to make between INR 3LPA and INR 6LPA on average.