Master of Science in Information Technology(MSc IT)

Course Overview

A 2-year post-graduate degree called the Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc. IT) focuses on teaching programming skills and using OOP in C++ and ADTs to create typical statistical structures. Lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs are all thoroughly examined. Information technology is introduced to students in a variety of ways, including software development, data manipulation, and technological re-engineering.

The goal of this programme is to help students learn about unique technological applications and the processes involved in producing, exchanging, and storing statistics. College students can investigate fields including information security, software applications, system design, and databases, as well as learn how to write code.

The course provides a thorough technical understanding of current and developing technology within the field of information technology. The programme’s focus is on transferring technology from the lab to the world of corporate advancement. It is associated with HNBGU, a renowned university that has affiliations with numerous colleges.

Why ought to study MSc IT?


The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc IT) programme has many benefits. In fields like software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies, it offers superior knowledge and abilities. Graduates with an MSc in IT are highly sought after in fields like IT consulting, research, and development. The programme gives you the chance to specialise, keeping you abreast of technological developments. You can pursue demanding and satisfying careers, manage IT projects, and support innovation across a range of industries with an MSc IT degree. The industry also provides competitive pay and ongoing growth opportunities in the constantly changing technology landscape.


BFIT, the institute of excellence, provides its students with quality instruction in a variety of ways. The institute features well-equipped labs with cutting-edge computers. The laboratories can accommodate a large number of college students at one time. To ensure that they fully comprehend the theoretical information taught in the classroom, students are given the right opportunity to work on large software.

For the seminars that are conducted on a regular basis for the students, renowned IT professionals are referred to. Experts inspire them by sharing their reports. To give students first-hand knowledge of the jobs associated with the subject area, prominent corporations and the IT sector are frequently visited. BFIT is one of Dehradun’s top MSc IT colleges thanks to all of the efforts made by the institution on behalf of the students.

  • Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university.
  • The minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN and 40% for OBC.

2 Years

Master of Science in Information Technology Scope in India

At the conclusion of the M.Sc. IT curriculum, all options—research, education, or the IT sector—are available. In order to begin teaching coding and computer technology to college students, applicants can seek UGC Net. Entering the private sector, applying for programming, and establishing profiles is another wise course of action.

Here are some profiles which are open after this route:

  • IT consultant: IT consultants are external analysts that assess an organization’s IT infrastructure in order to help them achieve their organizational objectives. It is their primary duty to analyze an organization’s IT infrastructure, comprehend the business requirements of the client, and then build and implement a technology solution.
  • Network administrators: Network administrators are in charge of maintaining computer networks and resolving any issues that might develop with them. The process’s typical duties include installing and configuring computer networks and systems. identifying and resolving any computer network and system issues that may occur.
  • Web developer: Websites are designed and developed by web developers. They are typically in charge of the technical aspects of a website’s design online, as well as its speed and capacity for handling traffic. Additionally, website content that requires technical elements may be created by web developers.
  • Security Expert: Security professionals are responsible for preventing and resolving security breaches that may occur inside a company’s computer systems. They might be experts in a variety of security-related domains, such as information security, network security, and mobile security.
  • Software Engineer: Creating, testing, and refining a product or application to the standards of the client making models and diagrams to assist programmers with writing the right code for a system or piece of software.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top employers for candidates with an M.Sc. in IT are:

  • IBM
  • Wipro
    NTT Data

An M.Sc. IT applicant can expect to make between 3LPA and 5LPA per year in compensation. And it entirely depends on the qualifications and background of the applicant.