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Prevention from RAGGING

BFIT Group of Institutions is firmly committed to the complete prohibition of ragging within our campus. We prioritize the safety, well-being, and dignity of our students. Ragging, in any form, is strictly forbidden and goes against our core principles of respect, equality, and inclusivity.

To ensure a ragging-free environment, we have implemented stringent rules and regulations that are strictly enforced. Our institution has a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging, and any instances reported are thoroughly investigated. Appropriate disciplinary actions, as per the provisions of relevant laws, are taken against the offenders.

We have established an Anti-Ragging Committee comprising experienced faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives. This committee actively monitors, prevents, and addresses any incidents of ragging. We have also set up a confidential helpline and a well-defined grievance redressal mechanism, providing students with a safe platform to report any instances of ragging.

Our institution believes in creating an atmosphere that fosters learning, growth, and mutual respect. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where every student can flourish without fear or harassment.

Anti-Ragging Measures

Prohibition: Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within our premises, including academic buildings, hostels, and other facilities.

Awareness: We conduct extensive awareness programs, orientation sessions, and workshops to educate students, faculty members, staff, and parents about the consequences and detrimental effects of ragging. We emphasize the importance of empathy, understanding, and creating a supportive community.

Anti-Ragging Committee: We have established an Anti-Ragging Committee consisting of experienced faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives. The committee diligently monitors, prevents, and addresses incidents of ragging. It serves as a dedicated platform to report and address complaints related to ragging.

Helpline and Grievance Redressal: We provide a confidential helpline number and a well-defined grievance redressal mechanism to enable students to report any instances of ragging. Our institution ensures that complaints are promptly addressed, investigated, and appropriate actions are taken against the offenders.

Disciplinary Actions: Any student found guilty of ragging will face severe disciplinary consequences, which may include suspension, expulsion, fines, cancellation of scholarships, and legal actions as per the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

Counseling and Rehabilitation: We offer counseling services and rehabilitation programs for both victims and offenders of ragging. Our trained counselors provide guidance, support, and assistance to victims to help them cope with the aftermath of ragging. Rehabilitation programs aim to address the root causes of ragging and promote positive behavioral changes in offenders.

Regular Monitoring: We maintain a robust system of surveillance, including CCTV cameras, surprise checks, and periodic inspections, to ensure a safe and secure campus environment. Our institution is committed to proactive monitoring to detect and prevent any instances of ragging.

Parent/Guardian Engagement: We actively involve parents and guardians in our efforts to prevent ragging. We encourage open communication and collaboration with parents, urging them to play a vital role in educating their wards about the importance of respect and discouraging any involvement in ragging activities.

At BFIT Group of Institutions, we strive to create an inclusive space where students can thrive, learn, and grow without any form of harassment or discrimination. Join us in upholding the values of respect, equality, and compassion as we work together to create a ragging-free environment.

For any concerns, queries, or reporting of ragging incidents, please reach out to our dedicated helpline or contact the Anti-Ragging Committee through the provided channels.