Bachelor of Arts in Hindi (BA Hindi)

Course Overview

The three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Hindi programme is most commonly abbreviated as BA Hindi. This programme covers topics like communication skills, Hindi literary history, contemporary Hindi literature, and so on. This course will focus on advanced Hindi literature, including contemporary and modern Hindi literature, as well as original types of Hindi poetry, rather than just covering the fundamentals of Hindi language, such as communication skills, Hindi literature, writing skills, etc. Following completion of this programme, candidates can find employment in the fields of journalism, web content creation in Hindi, teaching, etc. In addition, they may be offered positions such as senior customer service consultant, Hindi news anchor, voice actor, acclaimed Hindi author, Hindi newspapers/magazines editor, etc.

Candidates for this programme learn the complete Hindi language, including its history, evolution, grammar, and literature. There are 6 semesters in the course, with 2 semesters per year. By choosing this route, applicants can master Hindi communication skills, both oral and written, as well as various dialects and forms of the language, proper grammar, and other things. The BA Hindi programme also delves deeply into the analysis of various Hindi literary works, including prose and poetry, as well as their development.

Why ought to study BA Hindi?


By studying Hindi at an academic level, you can develop a high level of proficiency in the language. This can enable you to read, write, speak, and understand Hindi with greater fluency and accuracy. Language skills are highly valued in many professions, particularly in fields that involve communication and cultural understanding.

Hindi is not just a language; it is deeply intertwined with Indian culture and heritage. By studying Hindi, you can gain insights into the rich literature, history, traditions, and art forms of India. This knowledge can help foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures and perspectives within India and the Hindi-speaking regions. It can develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, improve your memory, and increase your cultural sensitivity. Studying Hindi can also contribute to becoming a more informed and empathetic global citizen, promoting cross-cultural understanding and communication.


One of the top college in Uttarakhand that offers a BA in Hindi is the BFIT group of institutions. We support providing our pupils with top-notch education in the area of the arts department. Aspiring writers of literature can always access a vast selection of books and study materials in the libraries at our Institute. In addition, BFIT offers a special Hindi communication book that aids students in receiving the greatest education.

Along with providing theoretical education, our faculty members in the arts department put forth a lot of effort to help students with their communication skills. To retain the students’ interest in the material, we also provide intelligent courses and visually engaging lectures.

The BFIT group of institutions is located in the educational centre of India, Dehradun, and the university’s environment is quiet for students to concentrate on their studies because it is removed from the noises of the city. Aspirants can pursue higher education after earning their degree or pursue a profession in journalism, writing, operating a blog, coaching, publishing, advertising, or media, as we are all aware of Hindi’s significant role in modern society.

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  • Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university
  • The minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN and 40% for OBC.

3 Years

BA Hindi Scope in India

The following list of rewarding BA Hindi career profiles follows:

  • Teacher: Lesson preparation and instruction at all levels are the responsibility of the teacher.

  • Customer Care Executive: Assists consumers by giving them the information they need to know about their product

  • Journalist: Journalists create and compile news items in an effort to attract the interest of their intended audience.

  • Hindi Content Writer: A Hindi content writer creates articles for businesses or organisations on any subject or issu

  • Reporter: The primary responsibility of the reporter is to keep the public informed by providing updates and commentary on current events.

  • Translator: Translators translate documents from the corporate, legal, and technical sectors into Hindi.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Media houses,
  • Schools and Colleges,
  • IT sector companies,
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Teachers,
  • Hindi news anchor,
  • voice artist,
  • ace writer in Hindi,
  • Hindi newspapers/magazines editor.