Bachelor of Arts in English (BA English)

Course Overview

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in English programme primarily focuses on English literature, linguistics, and humanities. The six-semester course covers a variety of topics, including Shakespearean plays, European literature, literary criticism, and more. Candidates that are interested in reading between the lines and learning about literature will succeed in their BA English careers. 
The scope and syllabus of the BA in English are both broad. The course focuses on literature and its critical examination of works from diverse historical eras, locations, and genres. The fascinating character of the language will help the applicants who are new to this subject adjust as well. It is associated with HNBGU, a renowned university that has affiliations with numerous colleges.

Why ought to study BA English?


Studying BA in English allows you to develop strong language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and critical analysis. These skills are transferable to many fields and can enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Effective communication is vital in virtually every profession. Studying English hones your writing, speaking, and presentation abilities, enabling you to express ideas clearly, persuasively, and coherently.

Engaging in literary research cultivates valuable research skills, including information gathering, evaluation, synthesis, and proper citation. These skills are highly sought after in academia, journalism, publishing, and many other professions. It offers opportunities for self-reflection, empathy, and broadening one’s worldview.


The BFIT Group of Institutions is one of the top institutions in Uttarakhand that offers a BA in English. In the humanities department, we think it’s important to give our students the best education possible. The literature aspirants at our Institute have access to a wide variety of books and study materials at all times in the libraries. In addition, BFIT includes a distinctive English communication lab with computers.

Along with teaching theory, our faculty members in the arts department put in a lot of effort to help the students’ communication abilities. Additionally, we offer interactive lessons and visual lectures to maintain the students’ interest.

The BFIT Group of Institutes was founded in the educational centre of India, Dehradun, and the college’s environment is quiet for students to concentrate on their studies because it is away from the noises of the city. Since the importance of English in today’s society is well known, graduates have two options: continue their education or pursue a job in journalism, writing, blogging, education, publishing, advertising, or the media.

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  • Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university
  • The minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN and 40% for OBC.

3 Years

BA English Scope in India

A BA in English broadens one’s knowledge while also providing access to a variety of career opportunities in the public or private sectors. Here is a summary of some of the career options available to English graduates.

  • Social Media Marketer: The social media sector is expanding rapidly at the moment. An English graduate with good communication skills and the capacity to engage users can succeed here.
  • Blogger: Blogging is gradually expanding along with social media. Graduates in English might indulge in creating blogs and publishing them online.
  • Writer: A writer with an English degree can pursue a career writing books, essays, reports, blogs, or other types of writing due to their extensive topic knowledge and strong creative abilities.
  • Event Manager: Interacting with clients who speak other languages is necessary for working in the global events sector, but English is still widely used.
  • Public Relation Officer: Officers in charge of public relations are in charge of upholding the company’s reputation, and their duties typically involve creating brochures, writing and editing pamphlets, speeches, newsletters, and managing social media.
  • Translator: An English translator’s job is to translate text from one language into another. One needs to be conversant in another language for that.

Course fee structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this undergraduate degree, the core subjects that are taught are American Literature, British Literature, Cultural Studies, Medieval Literature and many more.

Yes, due to the high demand of this language in the market English graduates can earn 2,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum.