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BFIT College Dehradun is a prestigious educational establishment with a history dating back to 2002, catering to the educational aspirations of more than 4000+students. Guided by DIRECTOR Mr. Aninder Singh Arora, committed to offering students a life-changing educational journey.

At the BFIT Group of colleges, we proudly stand by our distinctive Zero-Fine College policy, we creating a learning atmosphere with free from financial burdens for students. The college is also very strict about stopping any kind of bullying; making sure everyone feels safe and included on campus. We are the best College in India offers various under graduate and graduate courses. It offers courses in the field of Engineering, Medical, Management, Science, Arts, Mass communication, Information Technology and many more.

Understanding the importance of tough exams, BFIT College offers free advice about careers and mentorship through a partnership with a reputed organization. This ensures that students can find jobs, with some even getting full job placement support. BFIT main goal is to offer valuable internships and 100% job placements for the students.

The college also supports students with entrepreneurial ideas through India Accelerator, inspiring innovation. It has great hostel facilities for a comfortable stay. BFIT College Dehradun, offers diverse courses in Agriculture, Engineering, Management Studies, IT, Computer Science and focusing on hands-on learning and research.

BFIT emphasizes overall growth by fostering intellectual, personal, and professional development. It aims to build an environment for academic excellence, passion exploration, and creating individuals who can positively influence society. 

Our College welcomes student to be part of their community and unleash their complete potential, shaping a prosperous tomorrow. Dedicated to empowering students, BFIT College aspires to offer an enriching educational experience that leads to transformation.

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