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Best MBA Colleges in India

best mba colleges in india ,Highest Paid jobs after MBA​

BFIT college is renowned for its exceptional MBA program and one of the key factors of its 22 years of academic excellence is its focus on holistic development. BFIT  has strong connections with leading companies such as HP, HCL, Google , Accenture and many more. BFIT provides the best infrastructure, well equipped modern libraries, computer labs, smart classrooms, laboratories and campus wi-fi for students. The faculty is highly qualified and brings real life experience into the classroom .Furthermore the college frequently organizes seminars, guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits which helps students to gain a deep understanding of the business world. BFIT is considered as the best college for MBA in India and is among top 10 best MBA colleges in INDIA. Students have a variety of career options after completing the MBA program.

However, some of the highest-paying jobs commonly pursued by MBA graduates include :

Highest Paid jobs after MBA

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Chief Executive Officers of the organization are responsible for the performance and success of a company. Additionally are liable for representing the business and are in charge of handling and allocating resources, making important decisions, interacting with stakeholders, and, in the end, reaching the company’s goal.The role of CEO requires a diverse skill set in decision making, great communication skills, human resource, crisis management, leadership qualities and stakeholder management.Additionally having vast experience in, finance, business, or a specific industry, CEOs frequently come from a variety of backgrounds. They play an important role in establishing the brand’s vision and company’s strategic direction. The average CEO in India is 20 lakh per year.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Chief Financial Officers are incharge of overseeing all monetary operations of a company, that includes financial planning and managing investments .Their Primary goal is to safeguard the organization from internal and external financial risks and threat factors by ensuring its long-term sustainability.Primary functions and responsibilities of CFO are mentioned below :

Investor Relations:

CFOs are responsible for maintaining relations with stakeholders frequently and how investors, stakeholders are informed about the financial performance, strategy. They act as the bridge between investors and companies by providing transparency and accurate information.

Risk management :

Is an important aspect of the CFO’s job role. It involves evaluating and managing financial risks.CFO’s identify all the possible threats to the financial stability of the business and put strategies to reduce such risks.

Compliance with Regulations:

CFOs make sure that financial reports are accurate and submitted on time, Ensuring openness and adherence to accounting rules, by supervising the preparation of financial accounts.

Capital Management: refers to the process of effectively managing financial resources. Chief financial officers oversee the capital structure of the organization by managing finance, investments, and capital allocation. They examine potential for growth and the financial implications of certain initiatives.

Financial Strategy:

A financial strategy includes components like budgeting , setting targets, managing investments, forecasting and optimizing financial performance.CFOs are responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s overall goals and business practices’ financial plan.the average starting salary for CFO in india is around 15 lakh

3. Management Consultant:

Management consultants are experts that assist companies in finding solutions to the business issues by providing best output and adding value to their subject . Their main objective is to assist businesses in increasing their production, and efficiency. They work on the projects related to finance and marketing by providing expert advice and guidance to improve performance by bringing in their expertise and analytical skills.Average salary for a Management Consultant is 26 lakh per year.

Here are some key roles of Management consultant:

Advisory Services:

Advisors provide advice and recommendations to their clients on various business-related subjects, including company operations and methods. The main purpose of advisory services is to assist clients in business decisions by providing beneficial insights.

Industry Expertise:

In order to gain in depth knowledge and experience to provide insights to businesses, it’s important to understand the trends, challenges of different sectors and industries.Whether it’s healthcare, finance or any other sector industry expertise.

Client Engagement:

It involves building strong and valuable  connections with clients.Consultant interact and communicate with clients to learn about their needs, expectations, requirements for delivering high-quality services and ensure client satisfaction.

4. Product Manager:

A product manager’s job is crucial as they work as a bridge between stakeholders and different teams, their overall goal is ensuring product’s success.They conduct market research and gather customer feedback.The average salary of a Product Manager ranges between 10 to 30 lakh per year. Here’s a thorough explanation:

Market Research and Analysis:

It’s critical to understand the market and carry out in-depth market research. Product managers collect information, gather data and insights about market trends, consumer preference and competitive environments. 

Product strategy and vision:

Product managers are responsible for establishing the product’s strategy and vision. They specify its main objectives, target market, and purpose. This entails matching the company’s goals and market demands with the product plan.

Communication with Stakeholders:

Product managers keep executives, investors, and team members informed about the product’s status, updates, and strategy on a frequent basis. The product vision is aligned and supported when there is effective communication.

Product Development Oversight:

They lead engineering teams through testing, releases, and iterations as they supervise the product development process. Product managers use data and user feedback to inform important decisions about features, schedules, and trade-offs.

5. Marketing Manager:

Planning, supervising and carrying out marketing plans to promote our brand’s goods and service is the key role of marketing managers. The following is an outline of their duties. The salary of Marketing Manager can range  between 10 to 20 lakh per year:

Market Research and Analysis:

In order to know consumer preferences, behaviors, and market trends, marketing managers carry out market research. It involves gathering data, brand positioning ,marketing strategies and knowing the competition.

Strategy Development:

Marketing managers design detailed marketing strategies and create a plan to achieve the organization’s goals. It involves analyzing the audience behavior and perspective and determining the best ways to reach and engage the audience.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is a sum of all the strategies and tactics aimed to promote product, advertise, services, using social media platforms to reach a large audience. It includes SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and tools.Additionally digital marketing is dynamic.

Brand management:

Brand management involves all the activities like marketing, branding strategy, managing and promoting a brand product and services to create a healthy image in the market. It is an important aspect for building a strong brand identity.


Is the key in brand management and marketing which involves working together with teams and stakeholders to get a better outcome and large reach.

HR Manager:

Human resource management is a great career option with the highest-paid job after MBA.HR Manager is in high demand in various industries and domains like IT, media houses, business administration law firms. It is dynamic and includes recruiting, hiring, training, staffing and problem-solving skills. Hr Manager in India can make up to 30 lakh per annum in India because of their high demand.

Recall that although these positions can have high earning potential, obtaining the highest salary in the industry also frequently requires experience, skill, and a proven track record of accomplishment. Furthermore, factors including geography, firm size, and negotiating abilities can all have a big impact on pay.



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