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best courses after 12th with high salary

If you are looking for high package courses So, here are top 5 best courses after 12th with high salary in India you can explore after 12th.


Drawing conclusions and knowledge from both structured and unstructured data is the focus of the multidisciplinary field of data science. The analysis and interpretation of intricate data sets is achieved by fusing methods from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and domain-specific knowledge. Finding patterns, trends, and useful information to aid in decision-making, address issues, and spur innovation is the main objective of data science.

The Essence of Data Science:

The fundamental process of transforming unprocessed data into useful intelligence is known as data science. Sophisticated analytics, machine learning, insight sharing, and data collection and cleaning are just a few of the many tasks it includes. To solve challenging issues and promote wise decision-making, data scientists employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Eligibility Criteria:

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics , IT, Physics, Computer science , Statistics or Engineering 

However some position may require higher degree in related field 

Educational qualification as well as strong skills in programming languages like Python , machine learning ,data visualisation and problem solving skills are essential to excel  in Data Science.

Expected salary for a data scientist in India is 8.5 lakh per year and can exceed depending on the position, experience and company.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a vast field that focuses on the preparation and management of medications and prevents medication error . Pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare , they help fill prescriptions , correct medicine for your needs , and ensure that medicines are safe and effective . If you are looking at pharmacy as a career option ,aspirants can pursue D Pharma for the basic understanding and B Pharma for the deeper. The scope of Pharmacy is diverse and provides career opportunities in Pharmaceutical firms and industries , hospitals , research center, clinical research and many more.

Career scope and job opportunities have also increased with growing Pharma industries in India . If you want to excel in the field of pharmacy, aspirants can choose diploma or degree courses like B Pharma (4 year) . The students can also go for higher studies i.e M pharma, PHD, MBA in healthcare management.

Here are some career some career options after pharma studies :

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Drug Safety associate

Clinical Research associate

Drug inspector

Research and Development executive

Pathological Lab Scientist

Research and Development executive

3. Engineering

Engineering is a broad discipline that uses mathematical and scientific ideas to design, construct, and enhance objects.. Engineering has several opportunities and is the most famous course in India . If you are willing to pursue engineering after intermediate you must be aware of diploma and integrated engineering courses.  There are different types of engineering some of them are mentioned below:

The main focus of mechanical engineering is on creating and designing objects. To design and develop new and improved machinery and gadgets, mechanical engineers draw on science, maths, and imagination. They work on all sorts of stuff like robotics and tiny parts that make machines work smoothly and faster.

Civil engineering is another type of engineering that focuses on designing and building infrastructure like bridges , roads , buildings etc . Civil engineers work on projects from start to finish , they survey the environmental factors, soil composition, structural analysis and land.In addition, they ensure that all rules and regulations are followed and the process is safe.

The study of electronics, the design of electrical systems, and electromagnetics are all aspects of electrical engineering. It involves  building , designing and fixing things that use electricity.

Chemical engineering is all about using chemistry and engineering together to solve problems , creating new materials , and improving industrial processes. Chemical engineering  helps to develop new products , improve processes and find solutions.

Btech in computer science engineering

Btech in information technology

Btech in automobile engineering

Btech in aerospace engineering

Btech in automobile engineering

4.Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer science and information technology are two different courses despite having many similarities. Majorly computer science focuses on theories and principles of designing the computer and their applications . Computer science covers topics like data structure , programming languages ,algorithms , designing websites and developing new software. 

To begin a career in computer science ,one must gain a strong knowledge of JAVA , python ,C++,PHP,HTML,JAVA script.

Computer science jobs

Software engineer

Data scientist

Web developer

Full stack developer

Robotics engineer

Artificial intelligence engineer

It can be difficult to distinguish between computer science and Information technology . Sometimes having a basic understanding of computer science is necessary to work in IT. Students can learn fundamental systems and networking ideas, security procedures, and application development with an information technology degree or specialisation.

IT jobs

Cybersecurity specialist

Database administrator

System administrator

Cloud engineer

Network administrator

IT management, data science, and software development are all lucrative fields that can be entered through programs like the B.Tech in Computer Science, BCA, or B.Sc. in IT.


A legal education is a life-changing experience that gives students the information, abilities, and moral grounding they need to successfully negotiate the complexities of the legal system. A law course offers a thorough and intellectually stimulating education, regardless of your motivations—preserving justice, advocating for others, or forming legal frameworks.

Programs that Provide a Broad Understanding of Legal Principles, Case Law, and Procedural Aspects: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programs, for example, establish the foundation at the undergraduate level. Postgraduate qualifications such as the Master of Laws (LLM) enable in-depth study of particular legal fields for individuals seeking a more specialised education.




Graduation/ Post Graduation/ Doctorate


Diploma: Class 10/12

UG: Class 12 along with entrance examination

PG: 3 year or 5 year graduation in Law

Doctorate: LLM


Graduation- 3 years/5 years

Post Graduation- 1 year/2 years

Doctorate- Minimum 3 years, Maximum 5 years

Average salary

INR 3 to 7 lakh

Job Positions

Advocate, Legal Advisor, Solicitor, Legal Manager, Law Officer

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