1.Data Scientist

This job position comes under the highest paying IT job. A Data Scientist’s role is to improve, arrange and examine the data by using their analytical skills to get a crucial huge amount of data.

2 .Web Developer

A web developer is a professional responsible for  developing websites. Web developers can work in various sectors like tech companies, health industries or as freelancers. They work closely with their clients and designers to turn their ideas into reality.

3. Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is responsible for looking after the organization’s cloud computing strategies. The key role performed by a cloud architect is designing, planning and managing a company’s cloud infrastructure to achieve the business goals effectively and in a secure method.

4. Cyber Security Manager

The cybersecurity managers hold a critical role in safeguarding the company’s assets.They conduct regular security audits to measure the efficiency of security control. The average salary of a cybersecurity manager can vary from 7 to 12 lakh per year, also depending upon experience , skills and position.

5. Database Administrator

A database administrator is primarily responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining security of an organization’s database. They must be proficient in SQL for creating and modifying databases. They have a strong knowledge of database security principles to protect sensitive data.