Best Business College in Dehradun

Choosing the best Business College in Dehradun is a critical decision for any MBA aspirant. In an ever-evolving educational landscape where new institutions emerge each year, the need for guidance is undeniable. So, how does one make the right choice for MBA college when seeking to further their education after completing the finest B.Com courses in Dehradun?

At BFIT Group of Institutions, we understand the significance of making the right decision for your academic and professional future. Here are the list of key factors to keep in mind for MBA.

MBA Course Overview

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a highly sought after post-graduate degree recognized globally. It equips candidates with essential managerial and business skills, covering areas like management, marketing, and accounting. Beyond management roles, an MBA opens doors in both public and private sectors. MBA programs offer a mix of theory and practical training, boosting confidence and expertise. Attending a top business school in Dehradun enhances one’s credentials and nurtures entrepreneurial qualities.

Why MBA?

Pursuing an MBA provides a thorough understanding in management, leadership, and specialized business domains. It sharpens critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. The program offers networking, internship, and job placement prospects, enhancing your career trajectory. An MBA can unlock global opportunities, increase earning potential and support entrepreneurial ambitions, making it a strategic investment in your future success.


BFIT stands as one of Best business college in Dehradun, highly esteemed in academic circles. Our commitment to enhancing employability ensures a promising future for our students. With a distinguished faculty, BFIT provides a dynamic learning environment to prepare students for successful careers in business. Our dedicated teachers work closely with students to identify and address their study weaknesses for nurturing improvement.

BFIT programs includes summer internships as a vital component, connecting classroom theory with real world industry practices. Students gain exposure to various organizations during these internships, expanding their perspectives. Additionally, BFIT facilitates international travel opportunities for MBA students, to enhancing their understanding of global work cultures and demands.

MBA Affiliation, Admission Criteria and Duration

Affiliation to       H.N.B Garhwal Central University

Eligibility          Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university, The minimum percentage required is 45%                                        for GEN and 40% for OBC.

Duration            2 Years

Scope of MBA

An MBA degree offers a solid return on investment, but when pursued at a top-tier institution like BFIT Dehradun Uttarakhand, the returns are higher. Our comprehensive management curriculum covers critical skills like planning, structuring, controlling, leading, and organizing, empowering students to excel in their corporate careers. At BFIT, pursuing an MBA provides a competitive advantage in crafting effective management strategies to achieve ambitious goals.

An MBA degree equips students with profound business knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to understand essential business objectives. It is a fusion of theory and practical training, preparing students not only in their specialized areas like marketing, finance, and HR but also positioning them for leadership roles in both business and society. Furthermore, it can serve as a gateway for further education.

Career Opportunities

An MBA course prepare students for managerial roles across diverse organizations, enhancing their job market competitiveness. It unlocks opportunities for higher earnings, increased responsibilities, and personal growth in today’s business-centric environment.

Upon completing their MBA, BBA graduates find job prospects expanding as they secure roles such as management trainees and executives in multinational and private companies. MBA graduates often start with competitive salary packages, which grow with experience, and they can also pursue careers in the government sector.

For BBA graduates, job opportunities align with their specializations, whether in Human Resources, Finance or Marketing. The Job profiles vary accordingly, with marketing graduates taking on roles like Marketing Executive or Manager, while Human Resource and Finance graduates assume positions such as HR Manager, Finance Manager, and various other job roles to suit organization needs.

Pursuing an MBA at BFIT College enhances student’s skills, transforming them into effective leaders in the business world. This opens up a wealth of career opportunities across diverse sectors and in0dustries such as

  • Manufacturing Unit
  •  Retail Management
  •  HR Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consultancy
  • Banking and Advertising
  • Research and Development  Manager
  • Self-Business (Entrepreneurship)
  • Marketing Manager
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management


This proves that upon completing an MBA, a ample of career opportunities awaits students. It is crucial to make a thoughtful choice in selecting the Best Business College in Dehradun to turn your dreams into reality.

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