1. Artificial intelligence      Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Engineering, often shortened to AI Engineering, is like the next big thing in the world of technology. It's all about making machines and computers work together with people. This teamwork between humans and machines is opening up a world of exciting new opportunities

2. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineering is all about things related to hydrocarbons, from their production to sustainable utilization and innovation.

Computer Science is the realm of engineering dedicated to the creation, design, testing, implementation, and analysis of computer hardware and software systems. IT stands as one of the most lucrative engineering fields in the nation today.

4. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineering is the field of engineering focused on crafting and innovating chemical manufacturing processes and products. It melds principles from chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics to handle chemicals, fuels, drugs, and various chemical-related products

Electronics and Communication Engineering, or ECE for short, is all about creating and testing electronic devices used in different communication systems

6. Data Warehouse Engineer

Data Warehouse Engineering is the field dedicated to handling intricate and massive data sets. Data engineers are the architects behind this data revolution, responsible for designing, constructing, rigorously testing, and continuously maintaining complex data systems.

7. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering is the specialized field of engineering focused on the advancement, upkeep, examination, and exploration of both aircraft and spacecraft, all grounded in the fundamental principles of engineering.