Are you wondering about the toughest courses in India 2023? Check our webstory to know more.

“Here are Top 4 toughest courses in India 2023”

Engineering blends science, technology, design and problem-solving to create and maintain machines, systems, and innovations. It is one of the most difficult courses.

Chartered Accountants handle auditing, financial management, taxation, and general management with an extensive syllabus.


To become an architect, students must embody intelligence, analytical thinking, and innovation to design and construct buildings, highways, civil infrastructure, and complexes. This makes architecture is one of the most challenging courses in india as well as globally.

Medical Science

Studying Medical Sciences is known to be very tough course. When you are in MBBS or BDS (Dentistry) programs, the things you learn and do, like internships, are really complex. What makes it even more challenging is that you cannot skip anything and you have to learn it all.